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Lighthouse guiding rare patients to clinical trials

Guiding patients to targeted clinical trials

Lighthouse shines awareness on patient enrollment barriers. We integrate patient internet use, focused webinars, and “Boots on the Ground” global field scientists, guiding patients and healthcare professionals to targeted clinical trials, connecting the right patient to the right trial on time.

Trial enrollment success depends on  patient and provider awareness. 

Successful trial enrollment starts at the trial site. Our team of expert PMLs can help increase patient access to targeted therapies through patient and provider awareness.

Clinical Trial




clinical trial enrollment
Patient clinical trail engagement
high patient enrollment



Identifying patients who signal their need for targeted treatment through their digital activity

Expanding from traditional “industry-to-patient” methodology to patient-to-trial outreach


Raising awareness not only in patients but in treatment team members through a variety of focused efforts highlighting specific genetic variants

Directing clinical trial enrollment efficiency through nurse navigators and global Precision Medicine Liaisons who screen and tailor educational and awareness efforts to local patient populations

Lighthouse was built by passionate precision medicine experts to solve your clinical trial enrollment problems by:

clinical trial enrollment
clinical trial enrollment
clinical trial enrollment
clinical trial enrollment
Why Work With Us?

Case Studies

Adam Caar


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Clinical Trial Awareness and Recruitment

Global Rare Biomarker Basket Trial

A pharmaceutical company developing precision therapies for cancer patients with targetable alterations was faced with the challenge of increasing awareness and driving enrollment in a basket trial for a single driver mutation program for a rare biomarker prevalent in <1% of the patient population. 

Our Impact:

  • Created a comprehensive site engagement and cohort enrichment strategy

  • Provided trial education for Principle Investigators and other key site personnel, including trial information and screening recommendation materials created in multiple languages.

  • Developed a molecular screening strategy for trial sites and established systematic screening at all sites across 4 countries

  • Rare patients identified across multiple tumor types

  • Provided real-time data and progress updates to the pharmaceutical company.

Adam Caar


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

Clinical Trial Recruitment
Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

A biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing innovative therapies for people with debilitating diseases was faced with the following challenges:


  • Accelerated clinical trial enrollment of an investigational medicine for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.


  • Provided potential participants a patient-friendly and direct way to learn about this clinical trial and sign up to participate.


  • Created a secure environment to share data with clinical trial staff to facilitate screening and enrollment into the clinical trial

Pathologist & Oncologist Education
NTRK & RET webinar Series

A webinar series designed to help pathologists learn best practices in testing for TRK, RET, MET, and other emerging mutations in a wide range of tumor histologies.

Case Studies



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